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When to use metal injection molding featured image
Thursday August 31, 2023

While injection molding is principally used to make plastic parts, the process is also highly effective for manufacturing large volumes of intricate metal components. Metal injection molding (MIM), a variant of the traditional injection molding process, has numerous advantages and can be carried out using standard plastic injection molding machines. However, it is not always […]

Flexible injection moldings: LSR vs TPE featured image
Thursday August 17, 2023

The majority of parts made using injection molding are rigid plastic components. Typically, these parts are made from thermoplastics like ABS or PC, with different plastics offering different material properties to suit different applications. However, injection molding can also be used to make flexible moldings: parts that are soft, pliable, shock-absorbing, ductile, or elastic. Products […]

How Much Do Injection Molding Costs and How to Estimate It? featured image
Thursday June 16, 2022

What is the cost of injection molding? This is a commonly asked question by people wondering about adopting this technology. Injection molding is a popular manufacturing process for creating many parts and components. As such, learning about the costs of producing an injection molded part is vital before considering this process for your manufacturing operation. This […]

Elastomeric parts: injection molding silicone vs 3D printing flexible materials featured image
Monday June 21, 2021

From industrial gaskets to the soles of your shoes, elastomeric parts are both ubiquitous and unique. Made from elastomers, a group of rubber-like polymers, these flexible, stretchy, and shock-absorbing components are easy to make — and can be produced in several ways. One of the ways to produce elastomeric parts is injection molding. Not the […]

Flow Through the Details of China’s Plastic Injection Molding Process featured image
Saturday June 19, 2021

Being adopted for fabricating plastic parts and for a huge range of products, Plastic Injection molding is a common manufacturing process. This method is utilized in manufacturing parts that vary in complexity, size, and application, and in this process, there is the utilization of a machine called an injection molding machine along with a mold […]

5 common mistakes to avoid when injection molding featured image
Thursday March 4, 2021

Like any manufacturing process, injection molding has its advantages and disadvantages. Some parts are easier to mold than others, and things can quickly go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. For novices experimenting with their first injection molded parts — or even for experienced engineers who usually go with other processes — it’s […]

6 types of injection molding gate & when to use them featured image
Wednesday February 24, 2021

As the connecting zone between runners and the mold cavity, gates play a vitally important role in the process of injection molding. Gates — both their style and where they are placed — can affect overall cycle times, the cost of tooling, and the cosmetic finish of a molded part. Because of this, it is […]

Efficient and cost-effective Plastic Injection Molding Services featured image
Saturday December 12, 2020

In simple words, injection molding is a manufacturing process that is used to inject molten material. When the molten metal is injected into the mold, the outcome will be your required parts. Plastic Injection Molding is specially intended for the production of plastic parts. Different projects require different sorts of parts and they vary with […]

Injection Molding Prototypes- The Most Convenient and Inexpensive Solution featured image
Friday November 13, 2020

Plastic Injection Molding Plastic Injection Molding is a molding process whereby a heat-softened plastic material is injected into a comparatively cool cavity to give an article a required form. It is widely used by many manufacturers to make desired parts from a plastic material. Molten plastic injects into a mold under high pressure to yield […]

What is Rapid Injection Molding: Effective Performance & Benefits featured image
Wednesday November 11, 2020

After the invention, injection Molding has turned into a multibillion-dollar industry. This process makes it possible to manufacture many durable consumer and industrial items cheaper than everything else. It produces around 32% of plastics by weight. When we talk about the machine of injection molding, it is made up of various components such as the […]

Top 4 Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding Services featured image
Friday October 9, 2020

The Plastic Injection Molding process involves the injection of molten plastic into a mould cavity, which hardens within the mold to produce the final products as per the requirements. This is one of the most sought after the process of manufacturing parts and products at affordable pricing range. This process is reliable and efficient enough […]

How injection molding simulation software helps you design better parts featured image
Tuesday September 8, 2020

Injection molding simulation software is an important part of the IM workflow, allowing designers to assess the feasibility of their molds and moldings. This article looks at how it works. What is injection molding? Injection molding is a manufacturing process behind a huge number of manmade objects, from water bottles to automotive components. It comprises […]

Which Are The 15 Most Popular Plastic Injection Molding Materials? featured image
Friday June 12, 2020

Injection molding is the most widely used manufacturing process for plastic parts. So it’s no surprise that there are many plastics available for injection molding, all of which are available in pellet form. Moldable plastics range from highly durable polycarbonate to impact-resistant ABS. This guide looks at 15 of the most popular plastics used for […]

Injection Molding vs. 3D Printing: All You Need to Know featured image
Friday April 24, 2020

Today’s companies have more options than ever to manufacture parts from almost any materials. And when it comes to producing parts from plastics, most end up opting for either injection molding and 3D printing. While the 3D printing option is generally more well-known because of its availability to even consumer-level users, the injection molding market […]

Injection Molding: What It Is, How It Works, Who Is It For featured image
Monday April 20, 2020

Injection molding is the most popular method for manufacturing plastic parts on the planet, so it’s not surprising that the global market for the process was valued at almost 260 million U.S. dollars, with projections for continued growth in the foreseeable future. The technology is used in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, medical […]

Soft vs. Hard Tooling for Injection Molding featured image
Wednesday April 15, 2020

There are two broad categories of injection molding tools: soft tooling and hard tooling. Selecting the appropriate material depends on a variety of factors, such as budget limitations, volume requirements, and material selection. Soft tooling is used for prototyping or small production runs while hard tooling is used for high-volume production. What is Soft Tooling? […]

Creating complex parts with overmolding and insert molding featured image
Saturday April 11, 2020

For mass production of simple parts, there are few manufacturing processes more suitable than injection molding, the most widely used plastic manufacturing process in the world. Injection molding is used to make everything from food packaging to aircraft parts, while its speed and cost-effectiveness — especially at scale — make it the top choice of […]

The Significance of Injection Molding Technique featured image
Tuesday October 29, 2019

Used to inject molten material, injection molding is a type of manufacturing process. Into any mold, this molten material can be injected. For the fabrication purposes of the plastic parts, it is also widely used. It is the most preferred option over other options as the method is not only efficient, but injection molding not […]

When is vacuum casting more suitable than injection molding? featured image
Tuesday March 12, 2019

Aajogo offers a wide variety of prototyping processes, from industrial-grade CNC machining to FDM 3D printing. For small volumes of plastic parts, however, businesses are often torn between injection molding — a commonly used process in which molten material is injected into a metal mold — and vacuum casting, in which more affordable silicone molds […]

Injection Molded Toys: It’s Easier Than Ever to Make Them featured image
Saturday February 23, 2019

For a long time, making toys in an amateur capacity was a difficult thing to do. You could use wood, or you could piece things together from recycled components, but high-quality toymaking was a practice exclusively carried out by big and medium-size toy companies: giants like Mattel and LEGO and the like on the higher […]